An exquisite “ghost story”. Joanna Hogg and Tilda Swinton’s The Eternal Daughter trailer

Elastica Films and Filmin present the Spanish trailer of ‘the eternal daughter‘, the latest film from Joanna Hogg, responsible for both ‘The Keepsake’ like its sequel “The keepsake. Part II’.

The British filmmaker collaborates again with A24 and with actress Tilda Swinton in a dual role in this intimate melodrama that explores with particular sensitivity the relationship between mother and daughter and what we leave behind.

A melodrama, executive produced by Martin Scorsese, is officially about an artist and her elderly mother who encounter almost forgotten secrets when they return to the old family mansion, now converted into a hotel. , where a mysterious past is hidden.

The film, released last December in the United States, arrives in Spanish cinemas on May 12th by Elastica Films and a few weeks later, on a date to be determined, will become an exclusive part of the film from the Filmin catalog .

Click here to watch it on YouTube.

Click here to watch it on YouTube.

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