Casting of “Voyagers”, biopic of astronomer Carl Sagan and filmmaker Ann Druyan

‘Traveler’the romantic drama about the relationship between astronomer Carl Sagan and filmmaker Ann Druyan has made its mark. According to Variety, Andrew Garfield (‘Be silent‘) and Daisy Edgar Jones (‘normal people‘) will star in this biographical film, which will also be starring Garfield Sagan and Edgar-Jones Druyan.

The film will mark the second collaboration between Garfield and Edgar-Jones, as both previously shared the lead role in the 2022 police miniseries. “By Heaven’s Command”. The film will be directed by Sebastián Lelio (‘A fantastic woman‘) from a screenplay he co-wrote with Jessica Goldberg.

Lelio and Goldberg prepared the script in collaboration with Druyan and after conducting various interviews for this Golden Record project. The film is being produced by Druyan, Lynda Obst and Ben Browning for FilmNation Entertainment, a company that will manage the film’s international sales during the upcoming Cannes Film Festival.

‘Traveler’ is set in 1977, as NASA was preparing to launch mankind’s first interstellar probes. A team led by Sagan set out to create an accompanying message known as the Golden Record, which included music and imagery for possible extraterrestrial civilizations . But what begins as a mission against time also becomes a love story between Sagan and Druyan.

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