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Cine soviético: Historia, características y referentes

La historia del cine se divide a través de diversas etapas, todas con innovaciones importantes para el séptimo arte. Y no podríamos disfrutar de éste si no fuera por las aportaciones del cine soviético de principios del siglo XX, encargado de llevar el montaje a otro nivel y revolucionar, literalmente, el lenguaje cinematográfico y sus […]

Oscar 2024: Surprises, omissions and curious facts among the nominees

The 96th Academy Awards have already announced their nominations and, like every year, there are various comments on their results. While the nominee announcement wasn't as surprising as previous years, it did draw attention to some ignored names and others that no one had seen among the nominees. Below we present the summary with the […]

Cine musical: Historia, características y ejemplos

Uno de los géneros más divisorios en el cine es el musical. Para muchos, se trata de la oportunidad perfecta para experimentar grandes historias en la pantalla con fastuosas coreografías y poderosas canciones. Pero para otros, representa una experiencia hasta tortuosa por sus características. Lo amen o lo odien, no se puede negar que el […]

Demon Slayer: In what order and where can you watch all seasons?

Kimetsu no Yaiba has captured the hearts of millions of anime fans around the world by having all the tools to become a modern classic within this target audience. shōnen: an epic story that tests the human spirit against demons; impeccable animation and spectacular action sequences from Ufotable studio; in addition to an enviable soundtrack […]

Echo: How does the post-credits scene connect to Daredevil: Born Again?

With a new distribution model and responsibility for launching the Marvel Spotlight label, Kick out It is the House of Ideas' first production this year after 2023. One of the crucial points in the series about Maya Lopez revolves around Wilson Fisk, the fearsome kingpin, whose life takes an unexpected and dramatic turn. This is […]

Halo Season 2: Trailer, Premiere, Cast and What You Should Know

After many years of waiting, the flagship video game from Xbox Game Studios and Microsoft made the jump to the small screen in March 2022. Although the first season received mixed reviews due to the changes to the source material and a derivative narrative formula, Paramount has clearly put all its faith in its potential […]

¿Por qué Hollywood teme promocionar las películas como musicales?

Vender una película puede convertirse en un auténtico dolor de cabeza. Y en la actualidad ningún género provoca una jaqueca tan grande a los equipos de marketing de los estudios como las películas musicales. De unos años a la fecha, existe una sensación latente de que Hollywood le tiene miedo al cine musical. No solo […]

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