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Greta Gerwig is ‘terrified’ about directing The Chronicles of Narnia

In early July 2023, after several months of rumours, an article by The New Yorker confirmed that Greta Gerwig I would traverse the magical wardrobe and enter a world of fantasy. The filmmaker currently in the spotlight with her phenomenal film Barbie has been committed to writing and directing at least two films The chronicles […]

Why is artificial intelligence the villain in Mission Impossible 7?

In the newly published Mission Impossible 7: Deadly Verdict – Part 1Artificial intelligence (AI) is well known to be the rival for intrepid agent Ethan Hunt to beat. On this occasion, Tom Cruise’s character must prevent an AI-controlled weapon from falling into the wrong hands and putting the whole world in danger. And he was […]

The simultaneous release of Oppenheimer and Barbie upsets Christopher Nolan?

It’s totally unusual for two of the year’s most anticipated films – potential blockbusters – to hit theaters on the same day. However, this was the case in 2023. Barbieby Greta Gerwig, and Oppenheimer, by Christopher Nolan, has the same theatrical release date; a situation that entails a “confrontation” that has caused amusement and fascination […]

First reactions from Barbie with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling

If a film has garnered media attention in a summer of film flops and box office disappointments, it’s the film that Oscar nominee Greta Gerwig directed and co-wrote (Lady Bird, little woman). But after so many conversations among moviegoers, here comes the moment of truth and we discover what Barbie Land really offers us. Is […]

RUMOR: Warner is preparing a spin-off of “Ken” with Ryan Gosling

It hasn’t even been released commercially yet, but there’s little doubt about that Barbie it will be a great success. the upcoming movie live action about the Mattel doll of the same name, played here by Margot Robbie, has been a hot topic on social media for months; He star power and the character’s popularity […]

Why did Xavier Dolan decide to retire from cinema?

34-year-old Canadian filmmaker Xavier Dolan announced this week that he has decided to quit filmmaking and directing. What drove you to make these decisions? In an interview with The countrythe acclaimed creative mind behind films like mummy (2014) and Tom on the farm (2013) argued that his early retirement was due to the constant disappointments […]

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