Disney’s New Little Mermaid Makes Water (In the International Market)

$164 million. ‘The little mermaidhas grossed around $164 million (always) dollars in its first three days in cinemas around the world. More than half of them in the United States, as the film did reasonably well in its country of origin, but rather poorly in the rest of the world. It’s practically half of what I’ve collected.Fast & Furious X‘ last week. The prospects aren’t good considering it’s a Disney production; that is, it wasn’t exactly…cheap.

It wasn’t the tenth installment in the franchise either “Full Throttle”At least this film, after collecting around 110 million in the cinemas in its second week, has already passed the 500 million hurdle worldwide. Compared to last week’s explosive debut, there’s more than 60% remaining, as expected, and it will be difficult to even top the 626 million raised. ‘Fast Five’ in 2011. The commercial and artistic decline of the franchise is evident, although at first it continues to show its face as if it weren’t one.

The one who is on the way to surpass his predecessors is “Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3‘, the maintenance of which reveals its good word of mouth week after week. And if not, ask my brother. Its global total is 731 million, and that’s next week “Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse” I’m going to give you a hard time, all indications are that it will be some time before we can see it on Disney+. Who knows if more than one ‘The little mermaid‘…

He continues to wage war there.Super Mario Bros.: The Movie‘, whose global total is over a billion; specifically 1.278 million. Not bad for a cartoon…

Rather discreet results for the rest of the week’s releases in the United States: “The machine‘ collects 4.9 million in 2,409 cinemas, while ‘all about my father‘ adds up to 4.2 in 2,464. on your part’Operation Kandahar‘ has to be content with 2.4 in 2.105, while ‘You hurt my feelings‘ with 1.4 in 912. Modest results for equally modest pitches where the Monday holiday – Day of the Fallen – doesn’t change much.

Finally, it should be noted that when it premiered in Spain, “Knights of the Zodiac“It raised a little more than 100,000 euros… Another decent premiere, very very decent.” The film is said to be the first of a total of six parts. A piece of advice: don’t expect to see the other five…

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