Only a few have the gift of controlling the mind. Spanish trailer for “Hypnotic”

The Spanish division of Diamond Films presents the Spanish trailer and poster for “Hypnotic‘, the new film by Robert Rodriguez. A fantastic action thriller with echoes of the films of Michael Bay and Christopher Nolan, in which Ben Affleck plays an Austin detective named Danny Rourke who is determined to find his missing daughter.

Rourke will find himself in a maze as he investigates a series of bank robberies that defy reality and make him question everything and everyone around him. With the help of Diana Cruz, a gifted psychic, Rourke tracks and is simultaneously haunted by a deadly specter, the only man he believes has the key to finding his daughter. But in the end you will discover much more than you expected.

Alice Braga, JD Pardo, Hala Finley, Dayo Okeniyi, Jeff Fahey, Jackie Earle Haley and William Fichtner complete the cast of this film, written by Max Borenstein, regular screenwriter for Legendary’s MonsterVerse and co-creator of “The Terror: Shame” And “Time to Win: The Lakers Dynasty”.

Estimated at $70 million,’Hypnoticis a Double R production for Solstice Studios, Ingenious Media and Studio 8, which will be released in cinemas in our country next Wednesday, October 11th.

And as a gift, a dubbed (and shortened) version of the original trailer for “Dog man“, the new film by Luc Besson starring Caleb Landry Jones: According to the official version, the incredible story of a young man marked by a hard childhood who finds redemption through the love of his dogs.

After its world premiere at the 80th edition of the Venice Festival, the film will be released in France at the end of September, while it will hit Spanish cinemas shortly after on a date to be determined.

Click here to watch it on YouTube.

Click here to watch it on YouTube.

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