Pakistani singer Atif Aslam records a song despite being unwell, says director Amit Kasaria – Amar Ujala Hindi News Live

atif aslam – Photo: Atif Aslam Instagram extension Pakistani singer and musician Atif Aslam is making a comeback in Bollywood after seven years. He lends his magical voice to the romantic song in the upcoming film “Lovestory of Nineties”. The director of this film is Amit Kasaria. The special thing is that Atif wasn't feeling […]

Knuckles – trailer, premiere and everything about the Sonic spin-off series

After the success of Sonic: The Movie (2020) and its 2022 sequel, which collectively grossed $725.2 million worldwide, Paramount is expanding the universe Live action of our spoiled blue hedgehog on the small screen with a series spin off focused on Knuckles. Don't stop reading and discover all the important information you need to know […]

Berliner Filmfestspiele bereiten sich auf Proteste wegen Israel-Hamas-Krieg vor – The Hollywood Reporter

Die Internationalen Filmfestspiele Berlin, die am 15. Februar beginnen, bereiten sich bereits auf Proteste und Debatten rund um den anhaltenden Krieg im Nahen Osten vor, Proteste der Art, die in den Monaten seit der Hamas-Initiative am 15. Oktober Filmfestivals auf der ganzen Welt erschüttert haben. 7 Angriffe auf Israel und Israels Invasion im Gazastreifen. Bei […]

14 películas y series basadas en videojuegos que prepara Hollywood

En los últimos años, Hollywood ha encontrado una mina de oro llevando exitosos videojuegos al cine y la televisión. Claro, la calidad no siempre ha sido óptima, pero la gran mayoría de esas adaptaciones sí han encontrado cierto éxito. En aras de continuar con los buenos resultados de proyectos como Sonic: La película, Super Mario […]

Red Studio Toei launches English film Hypergalactic – The Hollywood Reporter

Japanese anime giant Toei Animation (One Piece Movie: Red, The first slam dunk) collaborates with Sonic the Hedgehog Game designer Naoto Oshima, Shrek 2 And The Smurfs Author David N. Weiss and acclaimed animation producer Joseph Chou (Ghost in the Shell, Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim) to the English-language animated film […]

Oscar 2024: Why is Barbie competing as an adapted screenplay and not as an original?

As every year, the Academy promises a grand recognition of the year's most outstanding film achievements, but the path to these prestigious awards is not always easy, especially when it comes to classifying screenplays. A case that illustrates this complexity is Barbiewhose screenplay was co-written by director Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach, ended up in […]

Matthew Vaughn, Apple's 'Argylle' Bombs at Theater Opening – The Hollywood Reporter

Matthew Vaughn's expensive spy comedy was scorned by many critics and consumers alike Argyle bombed at the North American box office, the biggest failure yet for Apple's theatrical ambitions. According to the sources, the theatrical release was estimated at $18 million, with a price tag of $200-250 million. The results were not much better abroad […]

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