PlayStation could launch a new cloud gaming service

PlayStation is planning to develop a new cloud gaming serviceas reported The edge. The above media points out that Sony has opened 22 job searches related to information technology cloud gamingto add candidates to its Future Technology Group (FTG).

“As a member of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Future Technology Group (FTG), you have the opportunity to lead the cloud gaming revolution. FTG is at the forefront of bringing console-quality video games to any device.”

Among the tasks mentioned in the positions to be filled, one is the one that draws the most attention. “Development and execution of a strategic vision for streaming cloud games on PlayStation”, indicates one of the vacancies. So it is obvious that the Asians are planning something big and with that cloud gaming in the center of the scene.

It is still very difficult to paint a meaningful picture of Sony’s plans with this possible new proposal related to cloud gaming. Let’s not forget that the company already had a platform dedicated exclusively to this work PlayStation now. In fact, it still exists, but it’s practically hidden.

The option to play from a PS4, PS5 or PC from the cloud is only accessible via the PlayStation Plus Premium plan. Next to, only works in the 19 countries where PS Now was available before merging with PS Plus. But that’s not all, because the titles playable via streaming are even those of the PlayStation 4; that is, those of PlayStation 5 are not included.

PlayStation would have a renewed push for cloud gaming

The edge states that Sony is hiring more people for the Future Technology Group than in any other area of ​​PlayStation. In addition, he assures that the company is increasingly aggressively pushing for patenting of technologies cloud gaming. These would be clear references to Jim Ryan’s They would be working on a new cloud gaming servicealthough it would not be a project that could immediately be presented to the public.

Aside from the rumors and speculation that can be made regarding this, there is logic behind PlayStation’s apparent interest in expanding its presence in the world of cloud gaming. Especially when we think about it Today, the space is heavily dominated by Microsoft and its Xbox Cloud Gaming, available to Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. Playing AAA titles from the day they’re released, straight from the web or via mobile and tablet apps, is a feature that has given Redmond great results so far.

In fact, while investigating the Activision Blizzard purchase, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) revealed some very interesting statistics. Although it wasn’t accurate in detail, the agency commented that in 2022 Xbox Cloud Gaming has achieved a monthly market share of 60-70%. While NVIDIA GeForce Now and Sony’s integrated alternative to PlayStation Plus were each split between 10% and 20%. Further behind were Google’s Stadia and Amazon’s Luna, each at less than 5%.

What role does the next Sony portable console play?

At the moment it’s impossible to know if that’s Sony’s idea Resurrect PlayStation Now as a standalone product and launch it in a larger number of areas. Or if you aspire to start a new cloud gaming platform from scratch to compete head-to-head with Xbox Cloud Gaming and NVIDIA GeForce Now. But rumors that the Japanese are preparing a new portable console are also beginning to gain relevance.

Days ago we let you know that Sony is working on a device known internally as the Q Lite. The prototype of the gadget would be very similar to the PS5 DualSense controller but with the difference that it would integrate an 8 inch screen. The original report claimed that the intention of the Asians was to develop this device Use it exclusively with Remote Playthe technology that allows you to play PlayStation titles on a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

So unlike the PSP or PS Vita, it wouldn’t be meant to run games natively. And the possibility of using it to stream video games from the cloud was also ruled out, which sounded a bit illogical. Eventually, efforts seemed to focus on creating an accessory for the PlayStation 5 rather than presenting a product that could have a life of its own.

However, the effort to create a new portable console would make more sense if accompanied by a new service cloud gaming. It’s still speculation, but it seems this could be a more viable project for Jim Ryan’s men.

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