‘Succession’, discover how its most important secret was kept

The third episode of the last season of successorby HBO and available on HBO Max, is already considered one of the great moments in contemporary television history.

The death of Logan Roy (Brian Cox), told through his children’s reactions, surprised critics and the public. With a careful script that focused on the emotions of the descendants of the head of the family, the chapter avoided confirming what had happened until the final scene. Turning the argument into a set of assumptions and interpretations about something that would radically change history.

The effect was achieved in large part because of the fate of the character of successor It became the best kept secret of the production and the cast. This was confirmed by producer and writer Georgia Pritchett via Twitter. The executive explained that maintaining the secret involved the use of a family code HBO that would raise no suspicion. At the same time, it should be prevented that important information somehow reaches the public.

That was a hard secret to keep! We decided it in the writers’ room successor on January 22nd. So that nobody finds out, we used a code on the boards. (The phrase) “Larry David” was referring to “Logan dies.” So in episode 403 it was called “Connor, Larry David’s Wedding”. Mind you, that would have been a great event too.

Georgia Pritchett

What was particularly surprising was that the system managed to prevent any indication of the death of Logan Roy In successor would exceed. Despite the fact that in the first chapter the character hints that he is alone and afraid of dying. Something that was emphasized in the third part and that raised all sorts of questions about the conclusion of the character’s story.

All precautions of the production of successor

But not only the team of authors was careful with the information. As director Mark Mylod explained diversityMeasures were taken to prevent a casual observer from inferring actor Brian Cox’s absence on set successor. So the latter continued filming the program after his character’s death. Which meant he was present at the future funeral of the family patriarch Roy.

The Family Man Roy in Succession, by HBO

Also, as the director explained, the interpreter was hired to take part in scenes from successor which would then be discarded. A maneuver that managed to hide what would have been a conspicuous absence during filming. Mark Mylod was briefed on the big plot twist by creator Jesse Armstrong. Together they planned the strategy to be followed and determined the focus of the series’ most important event.

Both agreed that it would be treated from unusual angles, with the narrative focusing squarely on the Roy family and their behavior. Also centered in his pain, his fear and his bewilderment, which would be a whole new approach to the family conflict successor.

A man committed to his role

On the other hand, Brian Cox, like the rest of the cast and producers, was involved in protecting the most unexpected milestone of the final season of successor. Not only did he go to the set every day after his death. He made sure to be visible. as said meetingits intention was to be seen by potential photographers and observers while the funeral scene, part of the next few chapters, was taking place.

Final season of HBO's Succession

Strange as it may seem, the only sequence of the entire season where the interpreter was missing was that of the death of logan. He explained that the writing group wants to keep a perspective that only shows phone calls and their reactions the king’s sons.

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The actor was not present at the scene of the crime successor on board the plane or somewhere nearby. He didn’t come back until everything had happened. A method that made it possible to add more tension to the narrative and the shared pain of the protagonists.

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