Sushmita Sen: When a 15-year-old boy molested Sushmita Sen, the actress took this step – When Aarya and Taali inappropriately touched actress Sushmita Sen by a 15-year-old boy, you know what happened

Sushmita Sen
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Many actresses in Bollywood have had bad experiences. At times she was the victim of harassment, at other times lewd comments were made about her in public. Some actresses have spoken openly to them about their experience of wrongdoing, one of them is actress Sushmita Sen. Sushmita is also among the actresses who have had bad experiences at some point. During an event, a boy behaved badly towards the actress. When the actress found out that the boy who abused her was only 15 years old, she was shocked. He himself shared this anecdote in a conversation.

This is how Sushmita Sen dealt with the situation

Movie stars meet a lot of people at public events and sometimes they meet people who make them uncomfortable. Something similar happened to Sushmita when she went to an event a few years ago. Sushmita was physically abused at the event. However, Sushmita addressed this problem very well.

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The molester was caught by the actress

The man who tried to touch Sushmita Sen inappropriately was caught by the actress. Sushmita held his hand and was shocked when she saw him. Actually, he was a 15-year-old boy. If Sushmita wanted that 15-year-old boy who touched her wrong, she could have taught him a good lesson by handing him over to the police, but she didn’t.

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Sushmita Sen had said this

Sushmita Sen explained to this child and then let him go. Regarding this whole incident, Sushmita said: “When I caught him doing it, I saw that he was very young. I grabbed her by the neck and said let’s go for a walk. If I made noise there or cried I told him kid your life would be over. The boy later admitted his mistake and apologized. Also assured that he will never do this. According to Sushmita, the boy was young and didn’t understand that all these activities weren’t for entertainment, so she explained all these things to him and then let him go.

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