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Disney forms a task force to use artificial intelligence to cut costs

For better or worse, the future is now and the big studios don’t want to be left behind. According to a recent article by ReutersThe Walt Disney Company has formed a working group tasked with researching artificial intelligence (AI) and how it can be used to advantage across the conglomerate’s various divisions. For example, to […]

Why is artificial intelligence the villain in Mission Impossible 7?

In the newly published Mission Impossible 7: Deadly Verdict – Part 1Artificial intelligence (AI) is well known to be the rival for intrepid agent Ethan Hunt to beat. On this occasion, Tom Cruise’s character must prevent an AI-controlled weapon from falling into the wrong hands and putting the whole world in danger. And he was […]

This artificial intelligence is already looking for ways to destroy humanity

This artificial intelligence model, which is very similar to the popular ChatGPT, searches day and night for ways to destroy humanity. Its name is ChaosGPT, clearly inspired by the OpenAI product. A report from VICE Confirm that this AI has been assigned a task: Search for the most definitive way to lead humanity to a […]

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