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According to Quentin Tarantino, the best films in history

Without a doubt, the director of Reserve dogs, Violent times And Inglorious bastards He is one of those personalities who amaze not only with his fascinating and original filmography, but also with his extensive film knowledge. Some will say he is a walking encyclopedia, and the passion and confidence with which he speaks about countless […]

The Vigilante: Where can you watch the saga films with Denzel Washington?

Inspired by the namesake Eighties series Created by Michael Sloan and Richard Lidheim, Robert McCall’s story has gained a loyal cult following on the big screen thanks to a combination of action, suspense, drama and mystery that rests on the shoulders of a true Hollywood star. Here we will tell you where you can see […]

Musical’s director Larry Charles criticizes big-budget films – The Hollywood Reporter

Dick’s: The Musical Director Larry Charles talks about why he avoids getting involved in big-budget blockbuster projects. On Thursday’s episode WTF with Marc Maron PodcastsThe Borat The director, who prefers to put his energy into indie films and television shows, criticized the current Hollywood system. “I try to do things like Dangerous comedy or this […]

Cinemex Manía 2023: Tickets from 29 pesos, dates and participating films

Tickets starting at 29 pesos are back! After the chain celebrated the “Film Festival” last February in cinemas throughout the Mexican Republic Cinemax is once again offering moviegoers the opportunity to see films in theaters at a reduced price for a limited time. Here we tell you everything you need to know about Cinemex Manía […]

10 Mexican Golden Age Films You Should See

Between 1936 and 1956, the Mexican film industry experienced an unprecedented period. Inside context After World War II, Europe and the United States experienced a shortage of material for film production, and they also focused their efforts on the said war. Therefore, Mexican cinema developed into the cinema center of Latin America and other Spanish-speaking […]

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