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20 Sexiest Movies, Ranked – The Hollywood Reporter

“Why do people not just do this all the time?” That incredulous question comes from Emma Stone’s Bella Baxter midway through Poor Things, following a vigorous introductory bout of copulation with Mark Ruffalo’s caddish lawyer, Duncan Wedderburn. Yorgos Lanthimos’ imaginative riff on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein charts a deceased Victorian woman’s reanimation with the brain of […]

The Best Baseball Movies (And Where to Watch Them)

The passion that this unleashes baseball In USA and in many other countries around the world – which of course also includes Mexico – numerous films by the so-called “King of Sports” have been made. However, unlike other sports films, baseball stories are not characterized by adrenaline. They convey nostalgia and romance while always focusing […]

Mother’s Day: As the era changed, the mother of cinema changed, from the mother who shot the son read these 10 interesting characters – mother’s day special bollywood 10 best movies related to maa

The belief in Sanatan culture is that while the son may be broken, the mother is never a Kumata. Therefore, mother’s service is considered greater happiness than heaven. Many films based on mother’s sacrifice and sacrifice have been made in Hindi cinema. Today, on Mother’s Day, let’s learn about 10 such films where the mother […]

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