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How did The Office, Lost and Angel inspire the series finale?

Next week, The CW will air the final episode of Flashthe popular series live action about DC Comics’ scarlet speedster of the same name. And oddly enough, its conclusion was conceived with the script in mind shows unrelated to the Justice League: the comic series The office (2005-2013) on NBC; science fiction drama lost (2004–2010) […]

The creators of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel have a new series on their hands

Luke Kirby, Camille Cottin, Simon Callow, Lou de Lage, Gideon Glick and David Alvarez will join the cast of ‘toile’the new series by Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino, responsible for “The Wonderful Mrs. Maisel”whose fifth and final season we remember is currently airing. In addition to writing and directing, Sherman-Palladino and Palladino will also serve […]

The Powerpuff Girls live-action series is finally cancelled

Attempting to bring Saltadilla’s colorful superheroines to the grounds of the live action Ultimately it will not be possible. This week, The CW confirmed that the planned series The Powerpuff Girls with actresses made of flesh and blood was finally discontinued. In addition, many other shows that were believed to be in development also ended […]

JK Rowling would have the “final say” on the cast of the series

Despite her controversial tweets against the trans community, JK Rowling is a long way from scrapping the upcoming TV series Harry Potter -announced by HBO Max in mid-April- will allow you to keep up with what’s happening in the entertainment industry, including cast selections. The author of the original books will serve as executive producer […]

Official trailer of the series starring Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan

Neither from here nor from China (American-born Chinese) is an upcoming original series on the platform stream Disney Plus, which will take us through the grounds of the Grow up, using fantastic resources that will fill our screen with characters inspired by a rich and very ancient mythology. Here’s what you need to know about […]

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