The Awakening: Bruce Campbell previews the future of the Infernal Possession franchise

During an interview with AV Club, Bruce Campbell laid out Sam and Ted Raimi’s intentions for the franchise “Hellish Possession” after the recent premiere (and success) of ‘Hell Possession: The Awakening‘.

“Now everything is focused on the books”Campbell comments to said medium. “It has nothing to do with Ash or any particular character. In ‘Army of Darkness’ we first saw three books. So we know there are at least three out there, and none of them are good. It’s about: where do these damned ones come from? Books land, who gets them and what happens?”.

“But the universe is the same”continues Campbell. “It’s about innocent people with no special skills who have to fight for their own lives, and in this case a wayward sister and this little daughter. So it’s still a pressure cooker. They’re isolating. The apartment is the cabin. The The fact that it’s a creepy old building in downtown Los Angeles is awesome.”.

“I think the films are going to make a little bit more progress now. We’ll try to do them every two or three years rather than every ten. It’s also the first time Sam is working with his brother Ivan to create an overarching bible that he will give to future writers and directors to give them an idea of ​​where it should all go to potentially tie some of these stories together link. So I think it’s going to get a little more committed over the years.”.

“But because it’s about the books. It could be a book in the past, a book in the future. It’s not certain yet.”, concludes Campbell of what appears to be, indeed, a plan in its early stages of development at the moment. It seems clear that Warner Bros. won’t miss the opportunity missed by Sony Pictures, which was responsible for the 2013 remake of the original film, directed by Fede Álvarez.

Here the link to the full interview which contains spoilers of the aboveHell Possession: The Awakening‘, fifth part of the saga, the review of which is already posted, you can also read below.

“Infernal Possession: The Awakening” – The mother who gave birth to her


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