Trailer for “Hidden Strike”, action movie starring Jackie Chan and John Cena

XYZ Films presents the first trailer for what we will finally know “Hidden Attack”Action film directed by Scott Waugh and starring Jackie Chan, John Cena (replacing Sylvester Stallone) and Pilou Asbk.

According to the official reasoning, it is about “two former soldiers of a special unit having to escort a group of civilians through a so-called “convoy”.highway of death“so that they arrive safely in Baghdad’s Green Zone.”

Written by Arash Amel, Screenwriter for “The Correspondent” or the future “The Ministry of Unfriendly Warfare”this Chinese production was formerly known as “Ex-Baghdad”, “Project X Traction”, “X Project” And ‘SNAFU’ It was filmed in late 2018… and more than four years later, it’s reappearing out of nowhere, now to be released “soon,” though we don’t know how or by whom.

I probably won’t do it until I do it in September.mercenaries 4“, the fourth installment to date in the Sylvester Stallone-led franchise, which was directed a few years later by the aforementioned Scott Waugh.

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