Ekta Kapoor: Ekta Kapoor offered a shield to Salman on the issue of marriage and said, ‘I am very irritated…’ – Ekta Kapoor talks about Salman Khan on the issue of marriage during the release of the movie trailer ‘Thank You For Coming’.

There was once a time when you could only talk about sex in the bedroom. Open discussions are now being held on this topic, the impact of which is now also visible in the cinema. Recently, the topic of sex education was brought up in actor Pankaj Tripathi’s film ‘OMG 2’. The topic of sex is also openly discussed in Ekta Kapoor’s new film “Thank You Forcoming”. But Ekta Kapoor doesn’t like to talk about the issue of her marriage.

Ekta Kapoor has a different view on marriage. She says, “I have been asked many times, madam, when will you settle in?” I was always very annoyed after hearing that. How do I explain to people that I’m completely sedentary, how much more sedentary I have to do now? I sit angrily on the chair and give this look, I’m completely settled, I don’t want to settle down anymore.

Ekta Kapoor says, “People feel that every woman settles down after marriage.” It amazes me to hear why it is necessary to be married to settle down? Can’t a woman live her life without marriage? Everyone has a different approach to their life. It is not necessary that the marriage be for life and for life.

Getting married and settling down affects not only women, but men too. Ekta Kapoor says, “The idea of ​​getting married and settling down is discussed not only among women but also among men.” Salman Bhai is also often asked the same question about when he will get married and settle down. It feels very strange to hear that. I am very surprised at this way of thinking of people.

The film Thank You for Coming is produced by Anil Kapoor’s daughter Rhea Kapoor along with Ekta Kapoor. The trailer of this film has been released. In the trailer of the film, it is shown that Bhumi Pednekar, who plays the role of Kanika Kapoor in the film, marries the boy of her choice but does not find the happiness she expected. She shares her problems with her family and friends.

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