Former French President Joins Silex and The City Movie as Speaker – The Hollywood Reporter

Former French President François Hollande has found a new job. The leader of the Socialist Party, who served as leader of France before current President Emmanuel Macron, has joined the voice of Silex & the City – The film, a feature film spinoff of a popular, SimpsonsShort format animated series in style.

Hollande will lend his famous voice to the new film, currently in production, joining established French talent including Bruno Solo, Julie Gayet, Stéphane Bern, Léa Drucker, Frédéric Beigbeder, Guillaume Gallienne, Léa Salamé and Amélie Nothomb .

Silex and the city follows a Stone Age family, the Dotcoms, who embark on a time journey into the future. Father Blog, voiced by Franck Ekinci, mother Spam (Noémie De Lattre) and their rebellious children Url (Fabien Limousin) and Web (Camille Serceau) are well known to French audiences. A short series based on the comic of the same name by French cartoonist Jul was a primetime hit on the French-German channel Arte with over 180 three-minute episodes.

Jul will write that Silex and the city Film and will co-direct with Jean-Paul Guigue. The feature combines 2D animations with live-action sequences.

Franck Ekinci and Marc Jousset’s production company Je Suis Bien Content, whose credits include animated Persepolis, April and the extraordinary world And Mars Expresswill produce alongside Arte Cinéma and Belgian broadcaster Leftfield in collaboration with BE-TV in Belgium, SG Images, CNC and Wallimages. The Je Suis Bien Content studio in Paris and Wahoo! in Liège will take care of the animation of the film, the live-action part will be shot in the Brussels region later this year. Delivery is expected to take place in spring 2024.

Mars Expressa science fiction animated film with voice actors Mathieu Amalric, Léa Drucker, Daniel Njo Lobé and Marie Bouvet, is currently showing in French cinemas.

Haut & Court, his crime novel The night of the 12th was the big winner at this year’s Cesar Awards, is released Silex and the City – The Film in France. Urban takes care of international sales.

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