Jon Hamm confirms he almost starred in Ben Affleck’s ‘Gone Girl’ – The Hollywood Reporter

One of Ben Affleck’s most notorious roles was that of David Fincher Ex girlfriendbut it actually almost went to Jon Hamm.

During the Tuesday episode of See what’s happening live with Andy CohenHamm performed with his mad Men co-star John Slattery. During part of the show, the actor answered a question from a fan who asked if he was originally cast for the role of Nick Dunne in the 2014 mystery thriller.

“Yes,” he replied. “I was down to the end. It was supposed to be me, but we had to film Mr. Draper’s ongoing adventures.”

Hamm’s confirmation comes after a 2015 report page six which claimed the actor was not allowed to do it Ex girlfriend Because mad Men Creator Matthew Weiner did not want to release him from his contractual obligations to the series.

However, Hamm did not elaborate on this WWHL About what all happened, he remarked that he would have been perfect for the lead role in the film since the main character is from St. Louis, where he was born.

“Poor Ben, a guy from Boston, had to wear a Cardinals hat,” he quipped of Affleck. “He wasn’t very happy about it.”

The argon The actor starred alongside Rosamund Pike in the psychological thriller, which followed a seemingly blissful marriage between Nick (Affleck) and Amy (Pike). But when Amy goes missing, everything turns upside down and Nick becomes the prime suspect in her disappearance. Pressure from the police and the media is quickly eroding the couple’s happy image, leading to questions about who they really are.

In the hit drama, Hamm played Don Draper, a talented and mysterious advertising executive at a renowned New York advertising agency in the 1960s mad Men. The show ran from 2007 to 2015.

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