Mimoh Chakraborty: “Dad never loved us more…” Mimoh opened up about his relationship with Mithun Chakraborty

Today is the birthday of veteran Bollywood actor Mithun Chakraborty. On the other hand, his son Mimoh Chakraborty shared something special about his father on this special occasion, on which he was congratulated by all the celebrities in the industry. Mimoh said his birthday would be very easy. He also shared how often he celebrates his father’s birthday.

Mimoh said everyone knows how inconspicuous dad is. He doesn’t celebrate his birthday at all. He strictly tells us not to wish for anything from him, to have no celebrations, etc., but we don’t listen to him. We call him in the middle of the night and sing “Happy Birthday” but when he’s in Mumbai we insist he cook for us. We look forward to that on his birthday.

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Speaking about her childhood, Mimoh revealed her first impression of her father. He said my first impression of my father was that he was always very busy. He used to work up to six shifts a day. With six projects in a single day he devoted two hours to each so he was always out and about whether in Mumbai or out of town so my brother and I rarely got to see him except when we saw him we had very afraid of him. He had this intimidating personality. Dad is dad, just as mom is always mom, full of affection. Today dad and I are best friends. We have issues to discuss. At that time we were very afraid of him.

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Mimoh also revealed that despite being a huge star, Mithun was a great dad. Mimoh said we always knew dad was an actor, a superstar and a legend. We’ve always seen a ton of fans following him, but even now, when someone says, we never feel, “Hey, he’s a superstar.” We know how much people love and respect him, but to us he was always our father. He’s never been like superstar Mithun Chakraborty.

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