Rajpal Yadav: Rajpal Yadav had organized a workshop for prisoners in jail, as revealed in an interview. – Rajpal Yadav had organized a workshop for prisoners in jail. Actor was revealed in an interview

Rajpal Yadav
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Rajpal Yadav is an actor who has earned a special place in people’s hearts with his comic acting in the industry. Apart from films, actors and their personal lives also remain in the headlines. At the same time, Rajpal Yadav has now revealed that he served three months in jail in 2018 for defaulting on a loan worth Rs 5 crore.

A workshop was organized for prisoners

Rajpal Yadav, in conversation with Siddharth Kannan, revealed that during his time in prison, he had organized workshops for his fellow prisoners with permission. He further said that my aim in organizing this workshop was for people to come in contact with art and become artistic. On the second day of the workshop, people smiled and started acting.

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The prison director was praised

Rajpal Yadav said that the prison officials were impressed by his vivacious personality and also praised him. The actor said: “When I left the prison after three months, the prison director and staff gave me two certificates instead of one.” He said that this place is very historic and I have never seen anyone like you in my entire life. We were inspired by you. We thought we would hear your complaints every day, but in these three months you have breathed life into these walls.

I would like to thank the industry for not doubting

The actor thanked the film industry for not doubting him. He said that if he had been confused, people would have judged him, but he knew that he would come out 100 times stronger and better because he had gotten out of a bad phase in his life by being the Phoenix.

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