Ridhiema Tiwari: Ridhima Tiwari broke her silence on baby planning, saying, “God must have decided things.”

Riddhima Tiwari
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Actresses Riddhima Tiwari and Jaskaran Singh tied the knot in 2018. Both are very happy in their married life. The actress recently opened up about baby planning. The actress says she and Jaskaran are currently focused on their careers. In addition, he also commented on the idea of ​​​​freezing eggs.

Currently focused on career

Regarding baby planning, Riddhima said, “If I am destined to have a child, then all these things must have been planned by God.” I don’t force anything, and I don’t feel like I’m missing anything in my life. Riddhima further said that she and her husband are currently focused on their professional lives. Riddhima continued, “My husband is satisfied with his work.” He is making a film with director Meghna Gulzar. I am also happy. We don’t want a child now and we don’t want a life where we worry about raising a child just because we didn’t plan it. All of this can’t happen to me.

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In-laws have no problem

As for the societal pressure on married couples to become parents, Riddhima doesn’t care. She says, “People don’t have the courage to ask me about this because they know how my husband and I will answer them if they have questions about the child.” For me, my family is all that matters and they have no problem with that . Even my in-laws are happy and they put our happiness first.

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Are you planning to adopt a child?

Recently, many women who have prioritized their careers have chosen to freeze their eggs to conceive in the future. However, Riddhima Tiwari believes she does not understand the need for this at the moment. The actress said, “I’m not old enough to think about egg freezing.” I don’t think about all those things. If necessary, I will adopt a child.

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