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Emerald Fennell's twisted social satire Salt burn casts Rosamund Pike as Elspeth Catton, a wealthy former model with bohemian chic and a sharp tongue. Since the film's release, some of Elspeth's most memorable lines have gone as viral as star Barry Keoghan's more, um, revealing scenes. As it turns out, it all had an impact on Pike, a veteran star who was already turning heads come awards season Gone Girl, a private war And It is very important to meto name a few.

“Like that Salt burn caught the public's attention, I felt compelled to get involved in it because of how I dress in such a short period of time [during awards season]said Pike The Hollywood Reporter while walking the red carpet at Saturday's BAFTA Tea at Maybourne in Beverly Hills. In this particular moment, she wore a lime green Simone Rocha sheath dress with faux flowers in the pockets, a whimsical choice that Elspeth could easily wear while strolling through Saltburn Castle.

“I don’t want to dress all in black. I want to wear color. “I want to enjoy some of the glamor that the film brought to the world, even if it is risky,” Pike continued. With that in mind, the actress revealed that she feels “confident when she's more extreme,” as she recently did at the Golden Globes by wearing a strapless tea-length black lace dress by Dior paired with a dramatic veil.

“Someone asked me, 'How dare you wear that?' Well, I feel safer when I'm braver,” said Pike, who also told Variety that the choice also helped cover a recent skiing accident. But she was quick to say that when she dresses in couture looks, it's not like she's playing a character, but rather conveying a message. “There’s a story to tell, if that makes sense. It's not a different character, but there may be a story for the dress or a story behind the idea. A dress is wonderful to wear, especially given the artistry with which it is created.”

Take, for example, the rose-covered dress she wore to the Governor's Awards last week. “It's a bed of roses and the dress came with me on the plane, it had to be carried in the hand. I even wrote to them [designer Erdem Moralıoğlu] and said, 'Hey, you're sitting next to me on the plane.' I've got you right next to me.' The dress felt like it had a personality.” Elspeth would definitely agree.

“Simone played with all these beautiful fabric roses that are sort of integrated into the layers of the dress. I just thought, well, it's the BAFTA Tea Party like an English rose garden, it'll be perfect.”

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