Sooraj Pancholi has not lost faith in love and says I have been in a relationship for seven years now, it is beautiful

Sooraj Pancholi’s life is back on track both personally and professionally. The almost decade-long battle in the Jiah Khan suicide case has been a challenge for the actor. In April this year, he and his family were acquitted by the CBI court. Despite these ups and downs in life, Suraj’s belief in love remains intact. Recently, he spoke about the industry and also mentioned his love life and said that he is in a relationship.

Recently, Sooraj Pancholi said, “Only I know what I went through because only I had to return home alone, wake up and deal with this whole scenario.” Due to the travel restrictions imposed on me, I couldn’t even leave the country. Because of this, films and shows slipped out of my hands. Not only were travel restrictions imposed, but work offers were also reduced as the process progressed.

Suraj further said, “I understand very well why producers and people were hesitant to give me work.” If I were a producer, I would have the same concerns. Even before I got into the film industry, I knew that this industry is glitzy and glamorous, but not easy. I was ready for it. People often say: “People will say anything, what difference does it make.” Don’t worry if you’re not wrong. But at the end of the day you’re a human being, that makes a difference.

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Suraj said, “The feeling of being in love is like nothing in the world.” Taking care of someone else and doing something for them is the best feeling. This relationship is very personal to me. For years people have judged me as a bad lover or partner, but only those close to me know how I feel. The person I am in a relationship with is not an actress and therefore I do not wish to reveal their identity. I want to keep this relationship personal.

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