Sudipto Sen: After the success of Kerala Story, Sudipto Sen announces his next project, the film will be based on it – The Kerala Story director Sudipto Sen announces his next film based on the Maoist movement

Sudipto Sen
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Kerala Story, directed by Sudipto Sen, takes more than a month to complete. This film made huge bucks at the box office. People liked the story of this film which relates to real life. Because of this, this film has grossed more than 238 million rupees at the box office. In the meantime, however, business with the film has declined. However, given the success of The Kerala Story, Sudipto Sen has now announced his second film. Let us tell you what this film will be based on.

That will be the next movie

After Kerala Story, director Sudipto Sen is working on his next project. The film is about 50 years of Maoist movement in India. Sudipto Sen says: “My next film is about 50 years of Maoist movement in India.” I will be directing this film for Vipul Shah ji, the producer of The Kerala Story. Working with him on The Kerala Story was a very satisfying experience.

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Sudipto is happy about that

Producer Sandeep Singh can talk about another Sudipto Sen project today. But it is clear that his next film will be based on the Maoist movement. Sudipto Sen said that I have pledged Vipul ji for my next project and I am very happy to fulfill my pledge. We’ll tell you that The Kerala Story made big money on a low budget. The story of the film shocked people. Now Sudipto Sen is ready to create the same magic with his new project.

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