Vidyut Jammwal: Vidyut Jammwal celebrates his birthday alone in the Himalayas and enjoys nature in the forest without clothes – Crakk Stars Vidyut Jammwal enjoys the wilderness on his birthday. He shares bold photos during Himalayan retreat

Actor Vidyut Jammwal celebrates his 43rd birthday today. On the one hand, all Bollywood stars including fans wish him a happy birthday, but on the other hand, he traveled alone to the Himalayas to celebrate his birthday. Now the actor surprised everyone with his latest post. You enjoy every moment in the forest. From cooking outdoors to swimming in rivers, he lives a simple life surrounded by the mountains while his travels offer everything an adventurer dreams of. He surprised everyone because he does all this without clothes.

In a post on his social media account, Vidyut revealed that he is celebrating his birthday alone and for free. He said this has been his unique annual ritual for more than 14 years. My return to the Himalayan Mountains – the abode of God – began 14 years ago. Before I knew it, spending seven to ten days alone every year became a regular part of my life.

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Vidyut further wrote, “After returning to the jungle from a life of luxury and accolades, I love finding my solitude and realizing the importance of knowing who I am not, which is the same as being to know who I am and to be.” Outside my comfort zone, I feel most comfortable, in tune with nature’s natural frequency and imagine that I am a satellite antenna broadcasting vibrations of happiness and love. She receives and sends.

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He further added, “This is where I create the energy I want to surround myself with and come home ready to experience a new chapter in my life, this is rebirth.” I would also like to share that this loneliness is for the Mind is inconceivable, but can only be experienced in consciousness.” He concluded the note with a special announcement. He said, “I am now ready and looking forward to my next chapter ‘Krack’ hitting theaters on February 23, 2024.”

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