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Pimples are just a way of life, but getting rid of a pesky pimple has never been easier thanks to effective acne creams and gentle facial cleansers. One of the newest acne treatments now is what are known as “pimple patches,” small stick-on patches designed to help reduce pimples and rid your skin of acne.

Perhaps the most popular brand of pimple patches is the Mighty Patch, which has built a cult following for its highly effective acne spots. Popular with celebrities and skincare junkies alike, the Mighty Patch often sells out online. But a new Amazon Prime Day deal not only stocks the Mighty Patch, but also a bundle of patches for just $10. This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen online for these pimple patches.

As the name suggests, these mini patches are placed directly onto a pimple to remove excess oil and absorb dirt. Apply the patches before bed and you should see results in as little as six to eight hours. Although your pimple won’t completely go away overnight, reviewers say they’ve definitely noticed the pimples getting smaller and flatter, with no redness or scarring. Many users say their pimples are gone within a day or two of using the Mighty Patch.

Not only do the patches use hydrocolloid to fight acne-causing bacteria, but they also prevent you from scratching or picking at your pimples. The Mighty Patch is gentle enough for all skin types but strong enough to stay on all night, even when you toss and turn in bed.

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Would you like to wear the patch during the day? The clear patches have a matte finish so they blend right into your skin tone.

These pimple patches often cost $20 and up, but with an Amazon deal, you can get a pack of 36 acne spots for just $10 here. The Mighty Patch is one of the top rated products on the web, earning a 4.5-star rating (out of five) from more than 120,000 verified buyers.

Get the $10 Mighty Patch deal now on Amazon.com. Subscribe to regular deliveries of the pimple plasters and save an additional 10 to 15 percent. All details can be found here.

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