AI creates a biopic about legendary French singer Dith Piaf

Who was undoubtedly one of the most famous French singers of the last century,Dith Piaf, will be the central theme of a new biographical film. Warner Music Group has announced that it will use artificial intelligence to recreate the singer’s voice and image for a new film.

During the announcement, Warner Music Group revealed that it worked with the artist’s estate to create it‘Edith’a 90-minute biographical film set in Paris and New York between 1920 and 1960. The film tells the story of the legendary artist and at the same time attempts to discover previously unknown aspects of her life.

Specifically, Warner Music Group said the film will be narrated by an AI-generated version of Piaf, who will use her image and voice to immerse herself in her life. Lacinta will be based on an original idea by writer and director Julie Veille and will be written by Veille and Gilles Marliac. In a statement, Veille called the opportunity to make the film a great privilege.

Piaf was born in 1915 and was a singer best known for her songs in the cabaret and chanson genres. The artist is often cited as one of the most popular French singers and performers of the 20th century. Perhaps his most famous song, “La Vie en Rose,” has been covered extensively, including versions in the United States by Tony Martin, Paul Weston and Bing Crosby.

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