Almost ran over Samuel L. Jackson on the set of ‘Secret Invasion’ – The Hollywood Reporter

Marvel’s latest series Secret invasion is action-packed, but Emilia Clarke details some off-screen actions that didn’t go as planned.

During a recent interview with Yahoo entertainmentwhere she was joined by co-star Ben Mendelsohn, the actress revealed that one day on set she “almost overpowered him”. [Samuel L. Jackson] over” with a car.

“They put me in a Lada that looks like a very old Russian car,” Clarke explained. “And I got in and I was like, ‘Hey, what about the six?’ [shift knobs] up here? Which one do I use? Why does it have 10 pedals? It is [like] a tractor… I can drive. I know how to ride sticks. [But there wasn’t] enough time. They say, “We have to go.” We shoot. come on honey Just go. We will go.'”

The actress said she then gave herself a pep talk, saying, “Okay, I can do this. It’s just one station.”

She continued,”[I] come in there We’re getting on with it. The camera is right there. Sam is right there. And I pressed the wrong thing, I pressed the accelerator rather than the brake.”

Luckily, Clarke quickly managed to find the brake pedal and avoid colliding with the vehicle Captain Marvel Actor. Afterwards, she remarked that he was “very gentlemanly, lovely and nice” regarding the whole situation.

But Clarke reacted a little differently. “Then I cried a bit and someone else drove it for me,” she added.

The actress plays G’iah in the Marvel series in which Jackson’s Nick Fury and Mendelsohn’s Talos work together to stop the Skrulls who have invaded the highest reaches of the Marvel Universe.

Clarke and Mendelsohn spoke to them recently as well The Hollywood Reporter about how relieved they were that they didn’t have to spend hours in the hair and makeup trailer before filming since their characters didn’t appear in Skrull form throughout the series.

“You’ve heard it 9,000 times, but [Secret Invasion] It’s a down-to-earth show,” she said. “It’s very relatable because while we’re Skrulls, the viewer looks at our human forms more than anything else.”

Secret invasion currently airs every Wednesday on Disney+.

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