Elemental, dear Flash: Pixar rises as DC collapses

Spider-Man: Across the Multiverse‘ retakes the lead at the North American box office in its fourth week in cinemas. This happens in the week it surpasses $300 million (always) in the United States alone, with already more than 560 worldwide.

This happens after ‘Flash‘ has more than 70% left over when it premiered last week…adds just over 15 million to a total of just over 87, a record breaking for a film whose commercial career has taken years to analyze is of course very disappointing to make any sense of it. The worldwide total of the film is about 210 million; 2.5 of them are in our country, where this week the onset of summer and the heat have been felt in a very devastating way.

DC stumbles but Pixar comes back: “Primary school‘s maintains its good audience reception with only 37% remaining compared to last week’s premiere. Add 65 million in ten days in cinemas in the United States, of which there are 121 worldwide, which still has a long way to go and summer is coming and above all that many markets are still in cinemas; without going further, that of Spain.

In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising that from what we’ve seen, the Pixar film’s numbers, both domestic and international, ended up better than the Warner Bros. film…

The only premiere of the week,’Without bad rolls“have to settle for just over 15 million in 3,208 theaters, which isn’t bad at all; especially considering that American comedy (with or without an R) seemed to be boisterous for several summers. Jennifer Lawrence’s charisma and celebratory Fourth of July bridge will make their judgment next week.

For her role in her second week’asteroid cityhas jumped from 6 theaters in New York and Los Angeles to 1,675 across the country, raising around 9 million in the process. This makes it one of the few films for which this distribution model has worked since the pandemic. The thing I’m going to try next week is’past lives‘ after four weeks of soil preparation. Four weeks in which it gradually grew from 4 to 296 cinemas, grossing just over 3.5 million cinemas.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the lack of a major premiere meant that this week’s collection in the United States was just over 109 million, compared to just over 3 in Spain. Improving these figures and putting a smile on the exhibitors’ faces is Offing’s task. hands of ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny‘, although after the puncture of ‘Flash‘, Who knows…

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