Amazon backs out and cancels The Peripheral after a single season

Six months after announcing the renewal, Amazon has decided to back down and not continue the second season “The Periphery”the 2014 television adaptation of William Gibson’s novel, developed by writer Scott B. Smith (“A Simple Plan”, ‘The ruins’) for Amazon Studios, Kilter Films and Warner Bros. Television.

So it is represented by media outlets such as Variety and Deadline, which point to the ongoing strikes by the Writers’ Union (WGA) and Actors’ Union (SAG-AFTRA) as the main reason (though not the only one) behind this decision. The very high costs and the comparatively low ratings and media impact for the ambition of the project may also have played a role.

sold as “The new series from the creators of ‘Westworld'”, “The Periphery” is the first Amazon series to be endorsed by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy through their Kilter Films under the agreement signed in mid-July 2020. The second project will also be the television adaptation of ‘stand out’the renowned video game franchise by Tim Cain, the first season of which is due to be released shortly.

In fact, if the renewal of “The Periphery” Last February, there were quite a few who asserted that Amazon made this decision to get along with the aforementioned Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy not only because of the success of the series…

It’s not the only previously “renewed” series Amazon canceled this week: and it is, according to the same media outlets “You give the blow”The series inspired by the famous 1992 film will not have a second season either.

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