“Anatomy of a Fall” – The doubt behind all certainty

The title actually says it all: it’s about the analysis or detailed examination of “a fall”. Whether it was coincidence or not. In “Anatomy of a Fall” Justine Triet examines the relationship of a couple through a process that determines whether he killed himself or, on the contrary, it was she who did it. It seems like it’s just a fall, but in reality it’s a lifetime.

And so on for about 150 hypnotic minutes that seem to last half as long and that give shape to an extremely well-constructed piece of procedural goldsmithing that, in short, reveals how reality comes at the expense of appearances and what words we want to describe it with. Even from the purest openness and honesty.

Supported by the wonderful bilingual interpretation of Sandra Hülser and a delicate but resonant audiovisual calligraphy, that is exactly what sets this masterpiece apart most: its openness and honesty as an exquisite psychological thriller that takes us away from the elusive logic of the sought-but-not-sought Feelings are always found.

In this sense, it should be noted “Anatomy of a Fall” It is not the typical legal thriller, which is supported by constant twists and turns in the script in search of the viewer’s surprise, but rather the clear and direct way in which it awakens the doubt behind all certainty and advances its thesis up to the point Conclusion defended, one of its greatest incentives is and attractions, but the most.

By Juan Pairet Iglesias

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