“Blindspotting” (S2) – A complicit pastime. Part II

In its 2nd season “blind spotting” stands as a possible spiritual substitute for shameless, whose series, without elaborating, mimics his way of introducing the summary of the previous chapter. Created by John Wells, the series lasted eleven seasons, it could have been two more or two less. The series had responded so well to both itself and the audience that everything went easily, simply and, most importantly, comfortably.

It’s still too early to know if “blind spotting” come so far Times have changed, but perhaps through a proxy. For trying not to stay. It could very well be a spin-off of that, because it’s actually the 2018 film of the same name. One of those films that are very nice, even if they’re actually nothing special. One of those movies Spike Lee made his mark on but shot with good vibes instead of bad presenter.

In a good mood, I insist and always deal with more or less serious topics in a relaxed and friendly manner. It’s not about harassment or harassment, it’s about smiling with delight in a way that Daveed Diggs and Jasmine Cephas Jones perceive throughout the musical. “Hamilton”. This music cannot be missing in this imitation of shameless under the same racial prism as ‘Life’another very neighborly series from Starz, whose server is also related to that of the Gallagher family.

like the one “blind spotting” It’s served in 30-minute portions that leave little room for breaks. Rations of 30 minutes that don’t stop him from getting up, letting himself be carried away by the emotion or the shamelessness of the moment and breaking the fourth wall, for example. Or any other nonsense that pops up along the way. It’s about enjoying television and doing it while a show is on, while it’s allowed to last.

In its 2nd season “blind spotting” It confirms its condition as a complicit pastime that treats you as if you were friends. That they do not mark any agenda or occupy a prominent place on any list. There’s no leap in quality or greater ambition than surviving and advancing, even if only the slight wear and tear of the sequel amounts to more of the same, and certainly remains a beautiful and effective afternoon savior for those who enjoy (good) role.

By Juan Pairet Iglesias



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