But with violence. Trailer for “A Man of Reason”.

After serving 10 years in prison to fill in for his boss, Soo Hyuk is released from prison. He soon learns that he was the father of a girl while he was in prison. Soo Hyuk wants to sever ties with the criminal underworld, but when his boss begins to question his loyalty, he hires a notorious assassin to silence him. When the hitman takes his daughter hostage, Soo Hyuk decides to retaliate in the way he does best: violence.

With you the official trailer of ‘A man of reason“, a film co-written, directed and starring Jung Woo-Sung, which opens in theaters on August 15 in his native Korea.

A good made in Korea thriller that we got to see in the last edition of the Sitges Festival. In the words of one server: “It surprises by fighting some of the genre’s most common tics; moreover, as screenwriter and director Jeong Woo-seong, he reserves a leading role that is so boring and poorly voiced; or that its few action scenes seem more like an impertinence than a choice”.

Be it as it may “An effective and satisfying thriller that isn’t really remarkable in that it doesn’t really bet on the possibilities of its story or its side-story, either with guts or personality.” that we definitely hope that sooner or later we can see it “legally” in our country.

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