dr Dre on why he ‘put goodbye’ to working with Michael Jackson, Prince – The Hollywood Reporter

dr Dre reveals why he turned down an opportunity to work with music icons Michael Jackson, Prince and Stevie Wonder.

While he appeared on a recent episode of Hard to heart Show, rapper and music producer shocked host Kevin Hart when he told him that he’s had a couple of pulls from collaborating with some of the most iconic artists in music history.

“They just asked me to work with them and I was like, ‘What the hell am I going to do with them?'” he explained. “These are my bloody heroes.”

After Hart reminded him, “You’re Dr. Dre,” the multiple Grammy winner admitted that Wonder was one of the youngest artists he’d stopped collaborating with. He said the “Superstition” singer called him and asked if they could work on a song together.

But dr Dre said he likes “the way I think about Stevie, Prince, Michael, Bruce Springsteen and all these great artists,” which “could change by working with them.”

He added: “These are my frigging heroes. … I like the idea of ​​what I heard as a kid and I want it to stay that way. And I don’t want to screw up that idea and that look.”

dr Dre, who has played a huge part in the careers of several successful artists including Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar, further stated that he prefers to work with newer artists.

“My whole life and career has been exploring and working with new artists. That’s what I like. “Nobody has an intention,” said the record producer. “It’s like a clay ball when they enter the room. You can just shape it and do whatever you want. This is what I want. Everybody else, especially my heroes, come in and there’s a set plan for how the shit is supposed to sound, you know? I can’t, I can’t explore.”

dr Dre previously revealed in one Interview before Jackson’s death In 2009, he turned down a collaboration with the “Beat It” singer because “I love working with new artists.” Unless it’s just someone I’m really comfortable with in the studio. I can’t imagine standing in the studio and saying, ‘Yo Mike, do that again.’”

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