Kenneth Branagh is directing the film Gargoyles.

The VaBelfast Telegraph reports that Kenneth Branagh (‘Murder on the Orient Express‘) to make a film about it “gargoyle” (Gargoyles). The alleged feature film is based on the 1990s animated series, which is about nocturnal creatures called gargoyles that turn to stone during the day. The tape will appear in real action under the Disney label.

The truth is, rumors of a live-action Gargoyle have been circulating for years. In 2011, David Elliot and Paul Lovett formed the writing team behind it “GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobra”, they were commissioned to write a screenplay that never saw the light of day. Back in 2018, Jordan Peele himself presented a film about these characters to Disney, but it was not accepted.

The series is about a clan of warrior creatures known as gargoyles, who turn to stone during the day. Led by their leader Goliath in AD 994, they protect Wyvern Castle and its human inhabitants on the coast of Scotland until a betrayal causes the clan to be massacred and a magical spell forces the survivors to sleep in stone until the castle rises above the clouds.

We don’t know anything about his possible cast at the moment.

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