Elle Fanning and Sarah Paulson Star in Biographical Drama ‘I Am Sybil’

VaDeadline has learned that Golden Globe winner Sarah Paulson and Emmy nominee Elle Fanning have signed on to star “I am Sybil”Adaptation of Flora Rheta Schreiber’s 1973 non-fiction novel. The project focuses on an early case of dissociative identity disorder.

The tape is directed by Mirrah Foulkes from a screenplay she co-wrote with Jen Silverman. The film is set to explore the “riveting true story” of Shirley Mason, aka Sybil, which was researched by psychologist Connie Wilbur. During his therapy sessions he reportedly manifested sixteen personalities.

“I Am Sybil” was adapted for television in 1976, starring Sally Field and Joanne Woodward. On this occasion, the project will also help from the book“Sybil Revealed: The Extraordinary Story Behind the Famous Multiple Personality Case”written by Debbie Nathan in 2011.

Paulson, best known for his collaborations with Ryan Murphy, is set to next star in Searchlight Pictures’ horror thriller. ‘Dust’.Meanwhile, Fanning has just joined the cast of “rose bush pruning” with Kristen Stewart and the Bob Dylan biopic“A Complete Unknown”with Timothy Chalamet.

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