‘Ghosting’ – Win-Win – The seventh art

In the manufacture of ‘ghosting’ It has been defined as “a romantic action-adventure film in the style of “After the Green Heart”“. A very accurate description because ‘ghosting’ It will indeed be “a romantic action-adventure film in the style of “After the Green Heart”“. Only forty years later, with more deaths and cameos, and without Danny DeVito as a secondary scene thief, with what that entails.

In this way, Chris Evans and Ana De Armas swap the roles of Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner, now she’s the one wearing the pants (although she’s more like Raffey Cassidy from ‘morning land’ than in an international space). From there it becomes more or less what can be expected of a routine production, laid at the feet of the viewer of the style “After the Green Heart” managed by the responsible person “Eddie the Eagle” And ‘Rocket Man’.

So a soft, affable and slightly romantic action-adventure film that is, if anything, carried by the charisma of its leading couple. The lack of surprises will be your best ally, as anyone content to spend some time distractedly watching two cute stars being cute will win you over. And for those who don’t find it appealing, no doubt and even less curiosity: A win-win situation where everyone wins because of their honest and clear commercial clarity.

Four years will pass and differently “After the Green Heart”, not even those who took a goose dough will remember them. Dexter Fletcher isn’t Robert Zemeckis and today’s cinema, at least that kind of comfortable and impersonal commercial production doesn’t feel organic or authentic anymore. Maybe that’s why its premiere on a streaming platform and not in the cinema: Because it’s closer to the “content” than the “film”.

By Juan Pairet Iglesias

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