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Jamie Foxx is speaking out for the first time after being hospitalized with a “medical complication” in April.

“First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been praying and sending me messages,” he said in a more than three-minute video he posted to his Instagram on Friday. “I can’t tell you how far it’s taken me and how it’s brought me back.”

The actor’s daughter, Corinne, shared the news in April that Foxx was in the hospital but “already on the road to recovery” while filming the Netflix film Back in action in Atlanta. At the time, she gave no information about the health problems.

Foxx, too, has largely stayed out of the spotlight since then, including missing out on public events like that They cloned Tyrone Premiering in June. Earlier this month he was spotted on a yacht in one of his first known public appearances in months.

In May, Corinne provided an update on her father’s recovery after media reports suggested his family was preparing for the worst. “My father has been out of the hospital for weeks and is recovering. In fact, he was playing pickleball yesterday!” she wrote on Instagram at the time. Thank you for all your prayers and support!”

The Oscar-winning actor also didn’t provide many details about the incident in Friday’s video, but added, “I went through something I thought I would never experience.”

“I know a lot of people have been waiting or wanting to hear updates, but to be honest I just didn’t want you to see me like that man,” he continued. “I want you to see me laugh, have a good time partying, crack a joke, make a movie or TV show. I didn’t want you to see my hoses running out of me and I’m trying to see if I can make it.”

The God is a sphere The actor expressed his appreciation for his sister and daughter and their support throughout his recovery, saying they “saved my life.”

“To you, to God, and to many great medical professionals, I leave this video,” he added. “I can’t tell you how great it feels to have your family involved in this way and you all know they kept everything under wraps, they kept it tight, they kept me safe and that’s what I hope everyone can have in moments like these.”

In the clip, Foxx also debunked rumors on social media that he was “blind” or “paralyzed.”

“As you can see, the eyes are working, the eyes are working quite well,” he said. “I’m not paralyzed, but … I’ve been through hell and back, and there have been some potholes on my road to recovery, too. But I’ll come back and I can work.”

Foxx closed the video by thanking all of his fans for their continued prayers, love and support.

“I love everyone and I love all the love I’ve received,” he added. “If you see me outside from now on and burst into tears every once in a while, it’s only because it’s been hard, man. I was sick man. But now I’ve got my legs under me, so you’re gonna take me out.”

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