“Don’t be afraid” at the box office, Tom

You may have heard or read it: As guessed or guessed.Barbie‘ And ‘Oppenheimer“They rocked it (commercially) and at their world premiere they both (always) raised more than 500 million dollars, 10 of them in Spain.” Odd 300 in the first and the rest in the second, which of course isn’t bad at all and made the odd record. And all that.

What you may not have heard or read is that this weekend in the United StatesDon’t be afraid (spider web)‘, a movie nobody seems to know about. Not how many theaters was it released in or how much did it collect. It should have been published, but all major American media ignored it. Even the ones that carry an interview with their protagonists on their cover… which we assume they did before the start of the strike, which got off to such a bad start given the numbers for the weekend for the strikers.

In the meantime, the worst forecasts have come true and “Mission Impossible: Deadly Verdict – Part 1‘ drops more than 60% compared to last week’s premiere. While the new (and great) installment in the franchise remains the highest-rated film on the billboard, it’s now aiming lower than it originally expected and needed. Many had planned to see her after the September holidays, and now it’s possible she may not arrive alive by then…

As with “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves“, another of the most entertaining films of the year, released five days before Mario Bros., gives the impression that the choice of release date played a very bad trick on Paramount Pictures, viewers … and theaters.

In any case, after its successful launch in Japan or South Korea, Tom Cruise’s blockbuster is heading for the 400 million mark, which for us is still a long way off.Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny‘ and towards which it also heads ‘Primary school‘which goes on there bit by bit, week by week, giving an example… just as it would theoretically be a role model too’sound of freedom‘, if the context of his supposed success didn’t appear questionable. At least.

And at least after the premiere in Spain:Insidious: The Red Door‘ Already over 150 million worldwide collection. It only cost 15. for your part ‘past lives‘ has finally surpassed 10 million in the United States alone, while its second weekend saw 45 more cinemas than the first. ‘theater camp“For now, the guy endured.”

Finally it goes to the east. First, note the followingHow do you live“, the latest Studio Ghibli film from Hayao Miyazaki, has attracted more than 25 million viewers in the ten days that it was shown in theaters in his native Japan. Let’s remember that the only promotional material for the film that saw the light of day is a poster… I wish the example would spread further.

And second, the long-awaited premiere of “Feng Shen Di Yi Bu‘, the first part of the ambitious adaptation of “The Investiture of the Gods”, ended with a collection of more than 50 million copies in four days, a fifth of them in IMAX theaters. A record that’s not bad at all, although not particularly spectacular considering that two more films are on the way which, like the first one, don’t seem to have been… cheap.

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