Jason Momoa is set to play Lobo in James Gunn’s DC Universe

After a multitude of rumors and speculations, it seems to be confirmed that the star of “Aquaman“Jason Momoa has signed on to play the DC character”wolf‘. During The Hot Mic podcast, industry expert Jeff Sneider revealed that Momoa has been cast as Lobo and that the official casting announcement will be made in early 2024:

“It’s true: Jason Momoa will be Lobo. Momoa has been cast as Lobo, and most likely that will be officially announced… I’d say around February. This has nothing to do with the strike, it has to do with the sequel to Aquaman. So Aquaman has to be in theaters, and then it’ll be on HBO Max… after it’s on Max and runs for a week or two, I think in February or March, the announcement will be made about Momoa as Lobo, especially if he’s part of the Superman cast.”.

Last December, we said that Momoa could take on the role of DC’s interstellar bounty hunter anti-hero. While the DC Universe is reeling after this year’s premiere of “lightning‘ All indications are that Momoa will not be returning to play Arthur Curry/Aquaman, but will instead take on the role of Lobo.

Lobo is an alien mercenary antihero (hardly a superhero) created by artist Keith Giffen and writer Roger Slifer. He got his start in the 1983 DC series Omega Men. In 1990, Lobo appeared in his own miniseries, Lobo: The Last Czarnian, written by Alan Grant and drawn by Simon Bisley. To date, the character has not appeared in a real comedy action film/series.

This character has exceptional strength with unlimited limits. In some cases he is described as being barely stronger than a normal human, but in most versions he displays his physical strength on the same level as Superman. Wolf arrived on Earth in search of four refugees (creatures) determined to wreak havoc.

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