“Reality” – From serving your country to resistance

Sydney Sweeney is known to everyone who approaches her work as an actress who is able to bring out her most sensual side quite well (she has the physical condition to do so). And if they are attracted to it in this regard, they will certainly be disappointed by the “reality”. Nevertheless, it is precisely this work that best shows that the actress is not just a sexual attraction for those who still only see her that way.

“Reality” is the true story of Reality Leigh Winner, an armed forces veteran and translator for the U.S. National Security Agency, who was accused of unauthorized disclosure of classified information about the Russian government’s intervention in the 2016 U.S. presidential election won by Donald Trump. So his argument is not a spoiler. Furthermore, their script is a recreation of the actual transcript of the recordings of their interrogation (with parts they do not wish to reveal omitted). Sweeney brings reality to life in a role that puts her more carnal side aside to show a woman fed up with the system that hides behind the façade of a good person.

Despite its length of just over seventy minutes, it can get a bit long as it is largely a continuous interrogation, with examples of real-life footage and investigations in between. Sweeney has to practically carry the film alone, and she manages to do so in a believable role without breaking any outstanding acting records. The rest of the cast has nothing left to do and that’s it.

The title with the protagonist’s name is not even painted. It’s a reality check on a more than possible scandal: the leak of said documents jeopardizes something as serious as an election. The film itself doesn’t teach anything new that wasn’t already known to those who were previously interested in this story (it’s the first time I remember hearing about this story), and it’s the interpretation the “euphoria”. ‘ actress and some little moments that break out of the monotony and mean that there might be something more to tell.

Recommended? I wouldn’t say too much, but if you’re interested in the plot (not in that sense, you rascals), check it out.

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