‘Renfield’ – On Her Majesty’s Service

There are reviews that write themselves. “Renfield” delivers what you’d expect from her, oh coincidence, which in turn promises. The tomato you buy when you go to buy tomatoes. The socio-celebratory, irreverent and hooligan cinema that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg could produce with their Point Gray Pictures, a label that seems clear at this point, is heading towards a status similar to that of ’80s Amblin or Cannon in their own way. Both are behind productions like ‘The Boys’… or ‘Invincible’, on which they just worked together with Robert Kirkman.

Kirkman is also known as “the creator of ‘The Walking Dead,’ a series, though he took what ‘Renfield’ takes as a joke very seriously. As if the glittering presence of Nicolas Cage enjoying himself wasn’t evidence enough. The film is a big, blood-soaked joke that makes it almost imperceptibly difficult: to bring a myth from the last century into the present in such a natural and organic way that even those who know it would accept it as something current may of existence Bram Stoker. The idea is so good that it seems incredible that he had never sunk his teeth before.

And it is that “Renfield” makes very intelligent use of a heavily exploited character, more than enough to make it seem… yes, a fresh and innovative production. Its status as a “blood-bathing joke” in the service of “mainstream cinema” certainly prevents it from being more than what it has the highest honor: a crude entertainment in the service of the most original and at the same time wealthy satisfaction of the viewer, the Known as an accomplice Perhaps the worst part, less of ‘Renfield’ than of a good part of this type of film, is the relative feeling that they aren’t asking 100% of everyone involved.

It shouldn’t be gourmet, but as “Game Night” showed, “coa” cinema doesn’t have to be that casual. It’s not that “Renfield” is sloppy, but it does suffer from some of the usual shortcomings of this type of cinema, such as somewhat rough editing and staging that doesn’t always allow you to SEE what’s going on, does it a script that does this appears to be a plot, a selection of the psis dotted on a board. In the short term it doesn’t matter because the film will be enjoyed as much as you are willing to enjoy it. But it was long term, given that memory over the years…

…which will make nothing more of a good naughty comedy starring Nicholas Hoult than another fun naughty thing starring Nicolas Cage. It looks the same, but it’s not the same.

By Juan Pairet Iglesias


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