Shabana Azmi: Shabana Azmi reacted to working with Prateek saying – got emotional after seeing him

Shabana Azmi was one of the most talented actresses of her time. At the same time, the name of the late actress Smita Patil was also added to the brilliant actress. However, Smita Patil left this world very young in 1986. It is said that the relationship between Smita and Shabana Azmi was not very cordial. There was a great estrangement between the two. After the death of Smita, Shabana Azmi also expressed great regret. However, now there is news that Shabana Azmi will soon be appearing on screen together with Smita Patil’s son Prateek.

Almost two and a half decades after the death of Smita Patil, Prateik Babbar will be working with Shabana Azmi, his mother’s biggest rival. Prateik and Shabana Azmi will star together in a film based on chef Vikas Khanna’s book ‘Imaginary Rain’. Shabana Azmi recently responded to this.

Shabana Azmi plays a master chef in the film who returns to India after a tragedy in Manhattan and rediscovers her roots. Regarding the first collaboration with Prateik Babbar through this film, Shabana Azmi said, “It had to happen. Smita and I had professional differences. But the media never suspected this gulf between us. Me and he were twins. Even our bathroom thresholds were identical.

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Shabana Azmi and Prateek met while reading Imaginary Rain in the past. Shabana Azmi says it made her very emotional. Shabana Azmi says, “We read the script on Thursday. His mother’s image is clearly visible in the icon. There is too much resemblance. I went back in time. I am very excited to be working with Prateik and look forward to it.

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