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Steve Coogan takes over for Peter Sellers. The Alan Partridge And Philomena star has signed on for a British stage adaptation of Stanley Kubrick’s groundbreaking nuclear war satire Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bombwith Coogan set to play multiple roles, as Sellers did in the 1964 feature film.

Veep And Death of Stalin Director Armando Iannucci adapts Kubrick’s film for the stage together with Sean Foley. Foley, who found success in the West End with adaptations such as… The painkiller starring Kenneth Branagh and Ben Elton The Rising Crowwill also direct the play, scheduled to premiere at London’s Noel Coward Theater on October 8, 2024.

The official Stanley Kubrick account on X, formerly known as Twitter, made the casting announcement for Coogan on Tuesday.

Iannucci confirmed the news on his own, saying he couldn’t wait to get started on the adaptation. “We all hope to send people home with a smile and a scream.”

Salespeople played three completely different roles Dr. Strangelove: the stalwart group Captain Lionel Mandrake, the confused US President Merkin Muffley and the wheelchair-bound German rocket scientist Dr. Strangelove. He was slated to take on a fourth role, that of cowboy bomber pilot Major “King” Kong, before the more culturally appropriate Slim Pickens was eventually cast. Sellers received an Oscar nomination for his triple-threat performance.

The stage version of Dr. Strangelove, the first-ever adaptation of a Kubrick film, is produced by Patrick Myles and David Luff in association with Tulchin Bartner Productions and Playful Productions. Jonathan Cameron is executive producer of the Stanley Kubrick Estate. The film about a renegade US general who triggers nuclear Armageddon is considered a masterpiece of comedy and dark satire.

“The idea of ​​putting Dr. Strangelove “Being on stage is daunting, a huge responsibility,” Coogan said in a statement. “It is also an exciting challenge, an opportunity to bring this timeless classic to a new audience. Knowing that I will be part of a creative team led by Sean Foley and Armando Iannucci means that I will be working with the best people. Sean is a master of stage comedy and Armando and I began working together over 30 years ago. We made a memorable comedy together, so it’s great to be working with him again.”

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