Suniel Shetty: Sunil Shetty stays away from the luxury life, said – Although I’m a superstar, I have ties to the country – Suniel Shetty spoke about a simple lifestyle and middle-class family values ​​that helped him control his temptations

Sunil Shetty is one of the most experienced actors of his time. He’s appeared in more than one film, but now he’s rarely seen on the big screen. The actor who started his acting career in 1992 has directed many great movies like Hera Pheri, Phir Hera Pheri, Border and Dhadkan. The fans used to go crazy over Sunil Shetty when they saw it. Despite being such a great artist, Sunil Shetty has never had a particular attitude and has always kept his feet on the ground. Recently, the actor spoke openly about this.

Sunil Shetty shared a very lengthy post on LinkedIn. In this post he talks about middle class values ​​and their relationship to money. The actor said, “Today I want to talk to you about my relationship with money.” Growing up, my family’s standard of living was very simple. We didn’t have much, but everything was sufficient. We certainly didn’t have the luxury we take for granted today. But through the way my parents lived and worked, they taught my sisters and I the importance of saving for later life.”

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Sunil Shetty said, “It seems that saving has been and will continue to be our default.” Dad was very successful professionally, but there weren’t any big changes in our lifestyle. At that time he had separated from the life of luxury in order to teach us better manners. Shortly thereafter there was only one change in our lives and that was that we got our house and moved there.

Adds Suniel Shetty: Looking back now, I realize how clear my parents were about their money management. He made sure to use what little he had with his knowledge and experience to improve his children’s lives, grow his business and help people. By the time I got into the film industry and started making more money, I had learned to save money. At times I was tempted to lead a luxury lifestyle, but my middle-class lifestyle made me think I should make future decisions carefully.

The actor wrote: “Mana ki bhi soch aisi thi thi”, it helped me a lot, we used to live by a lot of rules. We used to spend and invest wisely. We’ve indulged in luxuries every now and then, but to date, the wisest investment has been our home and our children’s education. Mana and I value the future more than lavish spending in a short period of time. I know my limits and stay away from anything that is not necessary for me.

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