Sushmita Sen: Sushmita Rohman scarf caught spreading garbage on the street? Users said – are they role models? Sushmita Sen goes shopping with ex-boyfriend Rohman, Shawl is trolled for throwing a plastic bottle on the street

Sushmita Sen is often in the media headlines. Sometimes because of his health and sometimes because of his fitness and films. Although Sush often attracts media attention for positive reasons, this time the reason is somewhat opposite. Let us tell you what is the whole thing in the end? Sushmita recently went shopping with her ex-boyfriend Rohman Shawl. Something happened on return that people are now trolling him.

A video went viral on social media. In it, Sushmita Sen can be seen returning from the showroom with her younger daughter and ex-boyfriend Rohman. Grocery bags hang from her and Rohman’s hands. Sushmita comes out and gets in her car. She can also be seen questioning the paparazzi very well. But as soon as Sushmita closes the door after sitting in the car, a plastic bottle falls out of the car onto the street.

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However, after carefully watching the video, it is clear that Sushmita Sen didn’t drop this bottle out of the car on purpose, but suddenly fell out as she closed the car door. But netizens abuse the actress and Rohman Shawl for it.

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