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Oppenheimer nominated for 13 Oscars – The Hollywood Reporter

Oppenheimer was one of the surprise success stories of the summer box office, and now Christopher Nolan's World War II-era biopic has received 13 Oscar nominations, more than any other film this year. Notably, it is Nolan's first time being nominated as both director and screenwriter for one of his films, and it is also […]

Oppenheimer: When and where can you watch on digital platforms?

After a devastating box office performance that exceeded all expectations and aiming to position itself as the production to beat next awards season, Oppenheimer Finally it will be available on digital platforms and here we tell you when and where you can watch it. Christopher Nolan’s new thing is based on the book American Prometheus: […]

The simultaneous release of Oppenheimer and Barbie upsets Christopher Nolan?

It’s totally unusual for two of the year’s most anticipated films – potential blockbusters – to hit theaters on the same day. However, this was the case in 2023. Barbieby Greta Gerwig, and Oppenheimer, by Christopher Nolan, has the same theatrical release date; a situation that entails a “confrontation” that has caused amusement and fascination […]

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