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Terminator: Chronology and where to watch all the films

The Terminator became one of the most important science fiction franchises with its reflections on destructive human nature. In a dystopian future, a man-made artificial intelligence takes over the Earth. To secure your domain, Skynet sends a Cyborg into the past to prevent the birth of the only being that could prevent his dominance. The […]

Demon Slayer: In what order and where can you watch all seasons?

Kimetsu no Yaiba has captured the hearts of millions of anime fans around the world by having all the tools to become a modern classic within this target audience. shōnen: an epic story that tests the human spirit against demons; impeccable animation and spectacular action sequences from Ufotable studio; in addition to an enviable soundtrack […]

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Where to watch on digital platforms?

Five nights at Freddy’s began as an independent horror video game series by Scott Cawthon, which quickly became a worldwide sensation due to its frightening atmosphere, gameplay and disturbing story. The film adaptation finally hit theaters in fall 2023 and became the most successful horror film of the year. Did you miss it? The wait […]

Oppenheimer: When and where can you watch on digital platforms?

After a devastating box office performance that exceeded all expectations and aiming to position itself as the production to beat next awards season, Oppenheimer Finally it will be available on digital platforms and here we tell you when and where you can watch it. Christopher Nolan’s new thing is based on the book American Prometheus: […]

The Best Baseball Movies (And Where to Watch Them)

The passion that this unleashes baseball In USA and in many other countries around the world – which of course also includes Mexico – numerous films by the so-called “King of Sports” have been made. However, unlike other sports films, baseball stories are not characterized by adrenaline. They convey nostalgia and romance while always focusing […]

The Vigilante: Where can you watch the saga films with Denzel Washington?

Inspired by the namesake Eighties series Created by Michael Sloan and Richard Lidheim, Robert McCall’s story has gained a loyal cult following on the big screen thanks to a combination of action, suspense, drama and mystery that rests on the shoulders of a true Hollywood star. Here we will tell you where you can see […]

VIDEO: Watch the lost pilot of Gibby, the scrapped iCarly spin-off

With regard to the broadcast of the final episodes of icarly And Victorious between late 2012 and early 2013, Nickelodeon ordered a few pilot episodes for potential series that would provide some continuity to these popular shows sitcom Teenager. And one of them would be about nothing more and nothing less than the ultimate comic […]

Premiere, trailer, where to watch and everything about the series with Anthony Mackie

American productions prove, at least in part, that stories from the world of video games can be successfully transferred to television or film. Another long-awaited adaptation of a popular title is coming out very soon this year Streaming in series format: Twisted metal. Here we tell you everything you need to know: What is it […]

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