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VIDEO: Watch the lost pilot of Gibby, the scrapped iCarly spin-off

With regard to the broadcast of the final episodes of icarly And Victorious between late 2012 and early 2013, Nickelodeon ordered a few pilot episodes for potential series that would provide some continuity to these popular shows sitcom Teenager. And one of them would be about nothing more and nothing less than the ultimate comic […]

The Incredible Hulk director on plans for a scrapped sequel by Edward Norton – The Hollywood Reporter

Louis Leterrier has revealed plans for the canceled sequel to his 2008 film The incredible Hulkin which Edward Norton played the title role. In the year interview Leterrier told ComicBook.com that he was planning “a complete sequel” for the Marvel character that would have introduced other versions of the Hulk. “There was Gray Hulk and […]

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